There are roughly over one billion re-delivery attempts (over 800 million dollars in cost) that occur in US annually. Only two choices: wait or drive to pick up. 

23 million Americans had packages stolen in 2017. The average value of stolen packages is $50 - $100. Victims spend close to $200 to replace each stolen package. It means Americans lost 7 billion dollars annually in stolen/lost packages.

At one billion missed deliveries annually, the total amount of carbon emitted due to re-delivery is 3,742 metric tons. To put this into a simple perspective, this is the amount of carbon 9,050 trees would have sequestered over a 58-year life span.

The parcel volume in U.S. is 13 Billion in 2016 (for B2B, B2C, C2C and consumer consigned shipments with weight up to 70 pounds), which has a 8-15% growth in following years. By year of 2023, the parcel volume in U.S. will be 1.5-2 times as much as it is now.