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Take action, and enable effective time management for property managers and staff, while improving the experience for each resident. Our lockers can reduce the amount of valuable time spent on accepting, and sorting packages, furthermore having a once a month free shipping drop off service allowing your staff more time to improve your community.


On average, apartment communities and properties receive over 50 packages per day and can climb to 100 on major holidays requiring the assistance and many hours spent in package management. As online shopping rates have been increasing, it has become more difficult to manage space and time.

Parcel titan is your solution. Secure package delivery, reduced operational costs, 24/7, and customizable lockers are only a few of our perks!


In today’s new world of work, employees want to send packages to their workplace where they are not pressured to leave work early or is at risk of missed deliveries. With our lockers, you will get a solution that is designed to be secure and relieves the anxiety of package deliveries, whether your employees are out of the office or away from their desks.

Parcel titan is your solution. Boost your employee satisfaction!


Customers call for the best shopping experience they can get! The expectation to offer a convenient solution to enhance the store, have retailers looking for ways to deliver the increasing number of online orders and to obtain an easy return process. Our lockers are also perfect for retailers who sell temperature sensitive items.  


The final mile delivery solution can save time and money leaving a win- win for both customers and retailers. Customers can drop off their returned parcels at any time while retailers can also process the return at any convenient time.

Parcel titan is your solution. We will make store pickup and returns, quick convenient and easy.

Improve the campus experience by using our secure parcel lockers, customizable for college day to day operations and can carry parcels of all sizes. Our lockers provide a flexible, more accessible way to retrieve packages.


Online shopping is drastically increasing among college students, resulting in enormous amounts of packages being delivered for students, professors, faculty and others. The popularity of parcel lockers is on a rapid rise and will soon dominate regular parcel delivery. Students will be thrilled to not have to wait in line for their package, but to simply punch in a code and pick up their packages 24/7.

University/ On Campus Housing

Parcel titan is your solution. We will help simplify the package delivery process while attracting students to the tech. Get started today!